X-Men Cosplay: Mystique

df-03057_r Hey guys! I saw X-Men: Days of Future Past in theaters a few days ago, and it was great! I’d highly recommend going to check it out if you haven’t had the chance to yet. I originally had plans to go to the midnight release, which I love doing with movies like this, but wasn’t able to make it because I had an early morning meeting at work the next day. Bummer. But now I’m finally all caught up! I thought the movie handled the time travel aspect really well, and I like the 1970s setting of the bulk of the movie. And the Kennedy reference (won’t spoil here in case you haven’t seen it, but check out this interesting post from Mother Jones about it to learn more). I was especially paying attention to how Mystique was portrayed in the film. She’s always been one of the characters in the X-Men world that I’ve found most fascinating.  The ability to shape shift into anyone at will would be incredible, but it would be interesting dealing with a natural form of blue skin and yellow eyes. We see Mystique in the movies struggles with that firsthand, but she ultimately learns to embrace her both her abilities and her appearance. Click the photo below to read more about Mystique on Marvel.com. Mystique I think Jennifer Lawrence did a great job, both in this latest installment and in X-Men: First Class. And check out all that she had to go through to become Mystique. This post describes how in the first movie, the paint job would take eight hours. Wow! But for the newest movie, she used a suit and just had to have her face painted, which took about 3 hours. You can more about the process here. Jennifer1 Jennifer2 Jennifer is a great younger Mystique, and really brings the character to life. But Rebecca Romijin’s portrayal will always be my favorite. She just brings such a diabolical-ness (is that a word? LOL) to the role. But you have to admire both ladies. That costume takes guts to wear. Not only do you have the long process of applying all the makeup, but also the fact that it’s skin tight. X-Men_Days_of_Future_Past_Jennifer_Lawrence_Mystique-as-a-child-teen-and-adult This costume idea seems to have a lot stacked against it, but I think it would be a great challenge that I might attempt someday. I did some research into it and found this great tutorial to cos-play as Mystique. Check it out! Still a long process, but it does make it seem more doable! I’d be interested to search on and see if I could find any takes on Mystique. I would love to see different interpretations, and maybe ask some questions about how they put their look together! So, what do you guys think? Would you ever cos-play as Mystique? Let me know what you think!

Cosplay: Revlon’s Spiderman Collection

A quick disclaimer before I start out this post—unfortunately, I don’t think you can get this collection in stores anymore. But there’s always Ebay. :)

Hi everyone! I’m always on the lookout for neat Marvel and DC tie-in products, and I found this awesome Revlon collection at CVS. It was launched back in the spring (yes, I’m a little behind the times) to correspond with the launch of The Amazing Spiderman 2 in theaters. Here’s two advertisements for the complete set.

revlon 2Revlon ad

The colors from the collection (6 nail polishes and 3 lip glosses) are inspired by Electro, the villain in The Amazing Spiderman 2. Each product features a gold spiderweb on the cap, and they all have great names!


Lip glosses, left to right: Killer-Watt (pink), Electro-Shock (blue), and Sparks Fly (red).

Nail polishes, left to right: (top row) I’m Electro (bright blue), Gwen’s Crush (magenta-purple), 1000 Volts (gold); (bottom row) Spidey Sense (red), Electrified Web (orange), and Super-Powered (dark blue).

When I was at CVS the other day, I grabbed one lip gloss (Sparks Fly) and four nail polishes (Spidey Sense, Electrified Web, 1000 Volts, and I’m Electro). I was pretty excited because I literally bought the last four nail polishes they had! I’m kinda bummed that I couldn’t get all the nail polish colors, but hey, four out of six isn’t bad!

The reviews of the products are mine, but the swatches come from imabeautygeek.com. It’s a great blog that I’d highly recommend. Make sure to check out her post on the Spiderman collection to see all her great swatches!



This is a great, shimmery red—very Spiderman. It’s got a gold shimmer that you can really see in the sunlight. I love it! It covered well in one-coat, but I’d recommend two.

Electrified Web


Really impressed with this color. It’s a coppery-orange shimmer with flecks of gold, but it shifts to a pinkish shade in sunlight. Neat effect! Good coverage, but would also recommend two coats.

1000 Volts


This shimmery gold shifts in sunlight to a greenish shade. It’s really bright and summery. I used two coats for full coverage.

A lot of beauty bloggers recommended using these polishes over black. For the first two (the red and orange) it just made the color darker. But for 1000 Volts, it turned out a really interesting greenish shade that I was a big fan of. Give it a try! I used two coats of black polish and topped it with one coat of 1000 Volts.

I’m Electro


This shade is a bright blue that shifts in sunlight to a magenta-purple color. Of the four nail polishes I got, it has the most dramatic shift in color. BUT unfortunately, it seems to lack the vividness of the other three colors I have, even with three coats.

But there’s hope! With one layer over black, the color pops as it should! It’s a great look! Here’s a swatch over black from I’m A Beauty Geek. She used a Revlon black nail polish, but honestly, I used a cheap black polish from the dollar store, and it looked just as nice.

Blue over black

And those are all the colors I have! I’m in love with them! As for the lip gloss, it’s nice, but not really anything remarkable. It’s your classic sheer red lip gloss with some shimmer. Pretty, but didn’t knock my socks off. Also, if you were curious about that blue lip gloss, I read up on it online, and apparently it isn’t blue-blue. You apply it over lipstick to make the color darker and give it some shimmer. But I would assume if you wore it by itself it might be a freaky, blue-gray shade.

What I really like about nail polish is that it allows me to rock my love for Marvel and DC at my 9 to 5 job. Haha, I’d probably get some strange looks if I wore one of my costumes to the office, but I can get creative with nail art. Nail polish is great to create cos play looks for everyday. I may go check out http://festivalinn.ca/ for some character inspiration for future nail art looks. Here are two Spiderman looks that use the Revlon collection. I will definitely be trying them!


Love this neat red and orange gradient with a black spiderweb!


Love this look! Looks like she painted on Spiderman (not sure if my hand is steady enough, but I’d give it a try) and then used a stamper for the silver webs on top of the blue.

Hope you enjoyed my review! Let me know what you think of the Revlon collection! What Marvel/DC characters would you want to rock on your nails?



Welcome to MarvelDCForum!

MarvelDCForum is THE place to get inspired for cosplay of characters within the words from Marvel and DC!

My name is Angie, and I recently got interested in cosplaying. I’ve been a fan of comics since I was young. I remember vacationing at my grandma’s house and finding some old comic books of my dad’s. There were some of the Fantastic Four, early X-men, Spiderman, and lots more. I loved the drawings, characters, and plots, and from then on I was hooked! And soon after I started watching the movies and TV series!

For the longest time I thought my passion for Marvel and DC was confined to the page or the screen. But recently I tagged along with a friend to a convention and discovered cosplaying. First of all, I was so happy to find such a large group of people interested in the same things! I had grown up feeling a bit nerdy for loving comics so much. But here, I fit in great! I was fascinated by the level of detail people put into their costumes. And then the chance to get to show off your work with like-minded people just seemed awesome. How fun to personify some of the characters you grew up loving!

Another thing that was inspiring was that it really seems you can jump into this hobby. It’s true that there’s some costumes that are expensive and complex, but others showed more DIY creativity and overall simplicity.

So after the convention, I started researching online for ideas. I started finding lots of pictures and instructions. I wanted a place to compile them all, and so I decided to create this blog. I can share my latest Marvel and DC findings and maybe along the way someone else will be inspired to jump into the world of cos play! One website I’d love to share with you that I found to be really cool is http://festivalinn.ca/. You can create an account and share photos of your latest creations and there’s a comment option, so you can ask questions.

I’ll leave you with a few images that I’m considering recreating in the future! Until next time!

Phoison ivy

A unique take on Poison Ivy from cosplayallday.com user redrapunzel.


Gotta love that fierce look! Found this on marvel.com (another great source for inspiration!).


Not sure if I’m bold enough to rock this look, but I love it nevertheless! Also found this one on marvel.com.